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AZO CleanDock®


Предпочтительные области применения

The AZO®CleanDock helps to dock mobile bins (e.g. containers, drums and big bags) to stationary dosing units. A dust-tight connection is achieved between the units. If undocked, both the dosing unit and the mobile container, are sealed in such a way that no bulk material can escape into the atmosphere. When docked, the container that is standing on the scales is decoupled in such a way that no mechanically generated forces influence the scale. As a result of its construction there is no cross-contamination of products between the dosing stations. A definition of zones in accordance with ATEX is not necessary due to its design.

Особые преимущества

  • Automatic docking system for containers, big bags and drums
  • Reliable avoidance of contamination
  • Exact weighing results with scale decoupling
  • Sealed system to ensure protection for operators and product

Принцип действия

The container that is situated on the scale is positioned under the predetermined dosing station. The coupling plate of the passive component is now lifted and centred by the gripper of the active component. If the contents of the container are to be weighed, the scale is now tared. Thereafter the AZO®CleanDock opens the channel and the dosing of the product into the container can take place. Switching from coarse to fine dosing ensures high weighing precision. When the predetermined target weight is achieved, the dosing stops and the channel is closed again. When the coupling plate is placed on the passive component, the mobile container is undocked and can move to another dosing station.