• Компоненты для радарных и спутниковых систем
  • Разработке и производство высокочастотного оборудования

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Предпочтительные области применения

Spark barriers are used in pressurised pneumatic conveyor systems. They prevent the sparks which can occur on defective pressure generators from travelling down a delivery line to the next unit in the system. It is particularly vital to fit spark barriers in pressurised conveyor systems used for products subject to dust explosions, i.e. for bulk goods which tend to ignite spontaneously and for goods which can form flammable gases or vapours and dust clouds. In most cases, spark barriers are installed in the clean air pipe between blowers and product intake .

Особые преимущества

  • Prevents sparks being transmitted through pneumatic conveyor systems
  • Compact design
  • Can be retrofitted at any time
  • Fast inspection and cleaning
  • Robust, pressure-resistant design
  • Important construction element inside pneumatic conveyor systems to achieve ATEX-compliance

Принцип действия

Compact chrome-nickel steel (A21) design with two pipe spigots for installation in pneumatic conveying systems. This spark barrier is designed for 2 bar operating pressures.