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Подъемная колонна AZO


Предпочтительные области применения

For the safe lifting and lowering of heavy loads inside buildings from one floor to another or from one level to another. Depending on the application the lifting column can be supplied as a rigid version or slewable about ist axis.

Особые преимущества

  • Electromechanical drive with drive chain
  • No hydraulic power unit, thus no leakage problems
  • Motor brakes for extremely accurate positioning
  • Precise positioning achieved with both upwards and downwards movement
  • Positioning via buttons operating at two speeds
  • Standardised construction to allow the use of different jibs / carrier plates

Принцип действия

The AZO lifting column is fastened as a free-standing unit to the floor or mounted with additional fastenings to the ceiling or to the wall. The lifting function is performed electrically via a drive. which raises the carriage with the attached load platform upwards. An optional overload safety device shuts down the drive in the case of excessive load. The mechanical brakes on the drive prevent the load platform from dropping uncontrollably. The transfer height and setting of the load platform are each determined by two limit switches mounted at the top and bottom. The lifting function is controlled either manually by the operator with buttons or automatically via a separate control system.