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  • Разработке и производство высокочастотного оборудования

Загрузочная воронка модели ET...K с опорной консолью


Предпочтительные области применения

Pick up of powdery or granular bulk materials feeding into closed material handling or pneumatic conveying systems. AZO standard pickup hoppers can be used for foodstuffs, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals with highest requirements, because of the availability of different materials and surface finishes.

Особые преимущества

  • Round and sturdy
  • Without dead corners
  • Ideally suitable to customer requirements by product configurator
  • Availability either in epoxy-coated mild steel or in stainless steel with 6 different surface finishes
  • Individual filter or central dust extraction by vacuum
  • Option of integrated vibration pre-screen
  • Discharge of flow-resistant materials can be supported by rapper, vibrator, vibration bottom or by fluidizing
  • Outlet optimally adaptable to downstream systems

Принцип действия

When opening the cover aspiration starts automatically. The bag is placed on the pick-up table, opened and emptied into the closed system by the operator, causing minimal dusting. If a mounted filter is used, the filter dust settles back into the hopper; with a central filter station, small amounts of dust are sucked into the central filter, where they are collected. The concept, which is most economical, is depending on the particular task customer requires.